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10 latest added books.

Awakening Body Consciousness: Seven Steps to Integrating Body, Mind and Heart

Come alive to your Body Being — the multi-faceted container that takes us everywhere we want to go and helps process everything that happens to us. Whether you wish to explore spiritual development, ...

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 Gurdjieff's Movements: The Pattern of All and Everything

G.I. Gurdjieff (1866-1949) dedicated his life to the pursuit and teaching of an ancient knowledge about Man and the Universe.
Gurdjieff's Movements is the name given to the collective body of dances ...

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 Gurdjieff's Early Talks 1914-1931

In Moscow, St. Petersburg, Essentuki, Tiflis, Constantinople, Berlin, Paris, London, Fontainebleau, New York, and Chicago

With a foreword by Joseph Azize

The talks in this volume are not verbatim ...

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 Sufism and the Way of Blame: Hidden Sources of a Sacred Psychology

This is a definitive book on the Sufi way of blame that addresses the cultural life of Sufism in its entirety. Originating in ninth-century Persia, the way of blame (Arab. malamatiyya) is a little-known ...

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 Beyond Sufism Travels and Essays [Kindle Edition]

A series of travels and essays in modern Sufism and beyond. These essays cover many subjects; modern sufi spirituality, experiences in painting and colour, a history of ...

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 Spiritual Physics

An exploration of the ideas of G. I. Gurdjieff through questions and answers. Compiled by John Anderson & Marshall May. Ships in 6-8 business days.

There is a chapter in this book that introduces Jerry's ...

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 The Globalization of Hesychasm and the Jesus Prayer:

The meditative prayer practices known as Hesychasm and the Jesus Prayer have played an important role in the history of Eastern Orthodox Christianity. This book explores how these prayer practices have ...

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 Breathe, for God's Sake!

This book holds a treasure of deep insights into the great mystery of breathfrom a spiritual perspective. Inspiring discourses, effective and safe practices and beautiful poetry from various traditions ...

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 Atmen Sie, um Gottes Willen!

Vorträge über die mystische Kunst und Wissenschaft des Atems

Dieses neue Buch, dessen Erstausgabe bei Chalice gleichzeitig im englischen Original sowie in einer deutschen übersetzung erscheint, ...

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 The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three: Discovering the Radical Truth at the Heart of Christianity

Just as she's done in her previous books, Cynthia Bourgeault asks us to take a look at an idea from traditional Christianity - this time the formula of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as though we're looking ...

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Newsletter February 2010

Gurdjieff Internet Guide contains interviews, articles, videos, book reviews, event listings and other material related to the teaching of G.I. Gurdjieff. You can add your own events and contribute reviews and blogs by logging in.

The site now also includes videos – check out the videos of Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson by Harold Good.

Recent highlights:

John Wilkinson interviewed by Kristina Turner

John Wilkinson has dedicated his life to investigating many of the world's paths in his effort to uncover a way that works in this time and place. John was a pupil of J G Bennett and specialised in the Gurdjieff Movements. After Mr. Bennett's death he studied with other enlightened teachers under whose guidance he researched widely in India and the Middle East. Subsequently, he began to find his own particular Path, which he now shares with those who listen.

"What I am trying to encourage you to do is to take an interest in yourself, in your makeup, what you are and what your capabilities are. All real investigation is investigation of yourself. When I get into this independent thinking I am starting to investigate the infinite world that I am because truly there are infinite worlds within us, from the highest to the lowest."

Article by Richard Lloyd: Finding Mr. Gurdjieff

Richard Lloyd is an American guitarist, singer and songwriter, probably best-known as a former member of the rock band, Television. According to Wikipedia, he is one of rock’s true weirdos. To others, he is one of its legends.

“This article is about my search, and the undeniable fact that for me, I have found the pearl of great worth, the secret of the perpetual motion machine and how to make gold out of the mud of my own existence. I hope this resonates with some seekers who may feel as though they need a stable path and a sure way out of the existential terror of useless existence, and who wish to find a way to become truly useful to the Earth, the planets, the solar system and to the life which exists here on Earth. There is a way. It is narrow, sublime and elusive, but it can be found, by the serious and the sincere.”

Elan Sicroff interviewed by Reijo Oksanen

Elan Sicroff trained as a classical pianist at the Juilliard School and the Oberlin Conservatory. He attended the International Academy for Continuous Education in Sherborne, England, as a student and later as music director. The program was run by J. G. Bennett and Mr. Bennett introduced Elan to Mme. De Hartmann, wife of the composer. From 1975 until 1979 Elan studied with her and performed de Hartmann’s works. In 1982 he made a tour of the U.S. and since then he has given numerous recitals of this music at concert halls around the world.

“Now let’s go back to our conversation about Madame de Hartmann where she was saying, “You play the notes, you just play the notes, you don't have a connection, nothing comes through.” There are two parts. The instrument is not just the piano. There is another part of the instrument, myself, and myself has to be tuned.”

New Recommended Gurdjieff Books & Music:

Elan Sicroff The Thomas De Hartmann Project
Korman: A Woman's Work
Dorine Tolley: The Power Within
Dushka Howarth: It Is Up to Ourselves

Upcoming Events:

Cuatro dias de Movimientos de Gurdjieff en la Cordillera de los Andes: March 11, 2010 - March 14, 2010
Movements Workshop: March 26, 2010 - March 28, 2010
2010 Gurdjieff-Bennett Intensive Retreat: June 20, 2010 - July 31, 2010


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