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10 latest added books.

Awakening Body Consciousness: Seven Steps to Integrating Body, Mind and Heart

Come alive to your Body Being — the multi-faceted container that takes us everywhere we want to go and helps process everything that happens to us. Whether you wish to explore spiritual development, ...

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 Gurdjieff's Movements: The Pattern of All and Everything

G.I. Gurdjieff (1866-1949) dedicated his life to the pursuit and teaching of an ancient knowledge about Man and the Universe.
Gurdjieff's Movements is the name given to the collective body of dances ...

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 Gurdjieff's Early Talks 1914-1931

In Moscow, St. Petersburg, Essentuki, Tiflis, Constantinople, Berlin, Paris, London, Fontainebleau, New York, and Chicago

With a foreword by Joseph Azize

The talks in this volume are not verbatim ...

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 Sufism and the Way of Blame: Hidden Sources of a Sacred Psychology

This is a definitive book on the Sufi way of blame that addresses the cultural life of Sufism in its entirety. Originating in ninth-century Persia, the way of blame (Arab. malamatiyya) is a little-known ...

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 Beyond Sufism Travels and Essays [Kindle Edition]

A series of travels and essays in modern Sufism and beyond. These essays cover many subjects; modern sufi spirituality, experiences in painting and colour, a history of ...

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 Spiritual Physics

An exploration of the ideas of G. I. Gurdjieff through questions and answers. Compiled by John Anderson & Marshall May. Ships in 6-8 business days.

There is a chapter in this book that introduces Jerry's ...

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 The Globalization of Hesychasm and the Jesus Prayer:

The meditative prayer practices known as Hesychasm and the Jesus Prayer have played an important role in the history of Eastern Orthodox Christianity. This book explores how these prayer practices have ...

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 Breathe, for God's Sake!

This book holds a treasure of deep insights into the great mystery of breathfrom a spiritual perspective. Inspiring discourses, effective and safe practices and beautiful poetry from various traditions ...

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 Atmen Sie, um Gottes Willen!

Vorträge über die mystische Kunst und Wissenschaft des Atems

Dieses neue Buch, dessen Erstausgabe bei Chalice gleichzeitig im englischen Original sowie in einer deutschen übersetzung erscheint, ...

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 The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three: Discovering the Radical Truth at the Heart of Christianity

Just as she's done in her previous books, Cynthia Bourgeault asks us to take a look at an idea from traditional Christianity - this time the formula of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as though we're looking ...

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Recent highlights:

If you are of this persuasion, you are damned--an interview with Keith Buzzell

Keith A. Buzzell and his wife Marlena, met Irmis Popoff, a student of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky and founder of the Pinnacle Group in Sea Cliff, Long Island, New York. From 1971 until the mid-1980’s they formed work groups under Irmis Popoff’s supervision. In 1988 Dr. Buzzell met Annie Lou Staveley, founder of the Two Rivers Farm in Oregon and maintained a Work relationship with her up to her death. Dr. Buzzell lives and continues group Work in Bridgton, Maine.

Q: What you’re calling self-remembering?

A: Yes, what he referred to as the state of self-remembering.

Q: I’m going to just pick up the language a little bit. He worked with language of very great deal. To remember is taking from the past, to reconstruct to re-member, to re-put together. I’d like to go back if you don’t mind, and then to wrap up the self-remembering thing. But the issue I’d like to have some clarity on, when I think of self-remembering, of remembering the past. Proprioception is present moment. Proprioception, to me, when I think of that wakeful state, I think of it more in a proprioceptive sense, rather than a re-membering of something. So I’m just curious.

A: I’m sure that Gurdjieff struggled with many alternative ways of approaching this enormously complex, subtle, difficult issue, and why he decided on a specific terminology of self-remembering. Obviously, I don’t know. But part of what I think we can understand is that this may be a grand metaphor. This self-remembering can be understood as putting the self back together again. It can be seen in that sense. So the three parts that we mentioned earlier, or three centers as he called them, or three brains in another context. That the process of re-membering those, putting them back together again, is reminiscent of the ancient Greek mythologies. Where the god is dismembered, and then one of the tasks of the wife is to re-member the body so it can be understood in that metaphorical sense. It can also be understood, as you pointed to, that it may have a great deal to do with memory, with so improving the level of awareness into memory that one remembers. Not re-members, or puts together again, but one actually in memory remembers. Some of the astonishing stories about Gurdjieff’s memory are helpful in that context. Because it is said that he almost never, or no-one could recall when he, did not remember somebody’s name. Even though he hadn’t seen them in years and he had seen thousands of people in between. He had this incredible memory for that kind of thing. Also in his music, for instance. Many of those, he stated, were songs and other kinds of musical expression that he’d heard during his travels. His travels had been years earlier. But in a colossally short period of time, there is this gigantic musical output of hundreds of hundreds, hundreds of pieces. Remarkable memory if that represents something that was real. So that gives you some notion of what the re-membering may have to do with. For me, the more important one as a struggle, is the first. The first I spoke of. The putting back together again. Because one of the most obvious things when I try to be aware of my inner world and my outer world is how dismembered I am. And many of the points, the fundamental points that Gurdjieff makes in terms of ideas, and many of the practices, many of the methods, many of the practices, especially regarding movements and sacred dances are all help-mates, are all pointers, are all enjoiners of experiences of that process of re-membering, of putting back together again. And they are quite astonishing in the subjective individual sense when it occurs. So one gets a taste of what that state of being would be if it were permanent. Does that help?

New Recommended Gurdjieff Books & Music:

Jeanne de Salzmann: The Reality of Being: The Fourth Way of Gurdjieff
Elan Sicroff The Thomas De Hartmann Project
Korman: A Woman's Work
Dorine Tolley: The Power Within
Dushka Howarth: It Is Up to Ourselves

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Truth....Dancing with Jivan
Gurdjieff-Movements(Sacred Dances),Musik, Meditation,"Sensing"
All & Everything Conference

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