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Submitting by Form

Horse, carriage and driver waiting for a passenger

Double check the information you have provided in all of the fields of the form before sending. Submissions need to be proofread, grammar and spell checked prior to submission.
Submissions to the Gurdjieff Internet Guide can be between 500 and 5000 words, with the exception of jokes or folk sayings, which can be, and often are, of shorter length.
Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Using php Submission

Please note that the php submitting process is for writers who GIG has already approved. If you have not submitted texts before and you are not known to us as a writer please use the form method for your first contribution!

Send an email to GIG with the following details:
Your ID
Your Password
Your Name
Your Brief

Your brief will be shown as your bio and should be kept within 250 characters.
GIG will set these up on the site and inform you by email the address where you can access your own pages.
No knowledge of html or php are needed. All articles you see in our Articles page are set up in this way.

Article Submissions

There are three different ways to submit an article to GIG. You can choose to use this form, write a review on a book/music/video on the author/artist page or the php-way. Please look at the left column for instructions of the php interactive submission procedure.

Your name (required field):

Your email address (required field):
(IMPORTANT: Make sure you type this correctly as we will contact you.)

Your website address (url) you would like a link to (if applicable):

Additional graphic (url) to go with this submission (if more than one please use one space between the full urls):

Author bio (as you like it):

Title of submission (required field):

Category of your submission, please select the option CLOSEST to your submission (required field):
Folk Tale
Folk Saying

Book Title (required field, use only if you are reviewing a book):

Book Writer (required field, use only if you are reviewing a book):

Text (if you have difficulty pasting in this area, please say so in the text box, fill the rest of the info in the form and send the text to the webmaster)

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