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A Reminding Factor

Butterfly - the Symbol of New Life

I have known Peters since he was a boy of 9 years, before he went to the Prieure and I was there at the same time he was. He says some interesting things about Gurdjieff, but he never understood Gurdjieff as a teacher. There are a hundred people who knew Gurdjieff better than Peters.

Stanley Nott 1966

About Us

Reijo Oksanen29 October 2009 was the 60th anniversary of the death of G.I. Gurdjieff. At that time, Reijo Oksanen, who started Gurdjieff Internet Guide, decided to move on to another octave and focus on getting the works of Agnes Hidveghy published.
Yes, that was some time ago; now in 2012 the situation is going on so that Reijo is concentrating more on the Prayer of the Heart (Web: Kristina Turner continues to work with interviews and articles in GIG also in the future.

Kristina Turner: I met the Work in 1993 through my mother and spent ten years in a group in Stockholm, Sweden. During this period I married Adam Turner and had three children, and this experience, what it means to be a woman in the work, is central to my life today. I live in England and am part of a group based in Arundel. I have a BA in English Literature and am studying for an MA in Medieval and Renaissance Culture, with a particular interest in the esoteric tradition in Renaissance drama. I worked in merchant banking for five years and went on to start a financial translation business. I have written a book on spiritual aspects of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, with expected publication in autumn 2010.

Kenneth Jonsson, who has been responsible for the database work and technical issues in the past ten years and will continue in this role also in the future.
We are glad of the great number of contributors to the site - they form the basis on which GIG is built.


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