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Jarvis, Jan
The Future of the Work
What We Are Obliged To Do: Thoughts on the Strivings
Developing Genuine Conscience

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Jarvis, Jan
Jan Jarvis came into contact with the Work in 1977. Since then, she has studied with George and Mary Cornelius, Pierre and Vivian Elliott and Elizabeth Bennett, all direct pupils of G. I. Gurdjieff. After leading groups for several years, she now works with experienced individuals in a non-hierarchical group experiment. Jan is employed as a part-time substitute teacher and sells antiques, carpets and American canaries on the side.

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Developing Genuine Conscience

A Practicum on the transubstantiation of the Being-Obligolnian Strivings

Throughout Beelzebub, it is asserted that the residents of planet Earth do not behave in ways that are “becoming to three-brained beings.” The antidote to this unnatural situation, according to Gurdjieff, is the acquisition of “the Divine function of genuine conscience.” To obtain such, the remedy is clearly stated: “For this purpose, as everywhere in the Universe, they transubstantiated in themselves what are called the being-obligolnian strivings….” There is no other way, as Hope, Faith and Love, the normal vehicles of spiritual evolution, are atrophied in us all.

The aim of our practicum is to explore how we can work practically with the strivings to obtain genuine conscience. Even as we contemplate the intention and meaning of these strivings, we must learn how to practice them in our daily lives. Questions arising for us have included: How might we manifest or put into action the directives of each striving? What would these efforts look like externally? Are there projects, demonstrations, ways of living outside of a Work environment that would communicate the messages of the Strivings to others, recognizing that, as said in Beelzebub, this work is for “all the beings on this planet”. What would make this work “perceptible to others” as we live our lives?

We invite attendees to contribute their experiences, ideas and processes in the exploration of the Five Strivings and its intended outcome, genuine Conscience. Our Seattle group will provide the venue, logistics and some structure. We recognize, however, that this undertaking is both critical in our time and beyond the scope of one individual and even group of people. We are asking others, as individuals or groups, to come with their particular approaches around the strivings to assist us all.

This practicum will take place June 21st through the 28th on beautiful Raft Island, near Gig Harbor , Washington. Transportation for those coming from afar can be arranged from nearby Seattle-Tacoma airport. Cost for the week is $350.00. A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required by May 1st, 2014to hold your place. Space is limited. Book early. Please contact the registrar, Jan Jarvis at with any questions or to be placed on the mailing list for further information.


Thank you
Thank you. I appreciate your essay and gathering. This essay and your article in the recent Parabola are bits of grace to me right now. My wife and I studied in a Gurdjieff/Bennett group for some years in the 70's in the SF Bay Area. I am presently a Spiritual Director in the Berkeley/Oakland area. I would like to chat with you a little if possible. All my best.
Paul Harkness

Paul Harkness, United States
added 2016-11-08

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